Survitec Saftey System Earns Type Approval

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Dry chemical powder solutions have long safeguarded LNG and LPG cargo vessels, but as the industry embraces liquefied gases as a propulsion fuel, the unique requirements for protecting bunkering stations on a wider range of vessels, such as large cruise ships, containerships, and tankers, is becoming increasingly important.

In response to the growing demand for advanced fire safety solutions to support the maritime's energy transition, Survitec has reconfigured and enhanced its Dry Chemical Powder (DCP) fire extinguishing system.

The enhancement aims to better protect vessels running on LNG and LPG fuels. The upgrades have received type approval certification and are now being specified for newbuild and existing vessels. Since receipt of DNV certification, Survitec has received orders for installation to a 16,000 TEU container ship with an estimated beam width of over 50m, which is under construction at a newbuild yard in South Korea.

The newly enhanced DCP system from Survitec comprises an extinguishant storage container, nitrogengas cylinder and safety valves. It comes complete with a pressure regulator, piping, and discharge devices, including nozzles.

While the recent DNV certification allows pipe runs to be increased from 20m up to 69m, longer pipe runs can be used on a case-by-case basis. Whereas for shorter pipeline lengths, it is now possible to use a more straightforward powder driving solution that enables the use of smaller nitrogen cylinders.

Designed for both newbuilds and existing ships undergoing dual fuel propulsion solution retrofits, Survitec’s enhanced, nitrogen-propelled DCP solution meets the mandatory requirement for a constant deployment at a minimum of 3.5kg/second for 45 seconds using just 175kg of powder under discharge pressure of 4-6 bar.

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