FLOATING LIQUEFACTION AND REGASIFICATION - An Assessment of Future Requirements for FLNGs and FSRUs

October 02, 2018

2019 Annual Outlook. Our new 150-page report is the first professional effort to systematically look at the universe of FLNG and FSRU projects in the planning stage – and categorize the likelihood of each making the development investment hurdle. Many FLNG and FSRU projects are planned – but only some will ultimately will move forward to development. The goal of our report is to objectively sort out likely winners and losers – and explain the rationale for the rating. We don’t just provide a snapshot of the floating liquefaction and regasification sector. Our online fully searchable LNG database updates all of the project information on a 24/7 basis. As we receive new information about projects from our network of industry contacts, the database is immediately updated to reflect the latest situation. Users can access any FLNG project or FSRU terminal – in operation, under construction and planned – and immediately find the latest information on project status, along with any changes in timing and probability of the project investment decision.

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FLNG Report

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